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Date: 18th June 2016
Pink Balloon Water Pipe
Water balloon was based on the buch o balloons products ?optimization and improvement then has got Chinese patent. Keeping beautiful and simple operation ,Website:http://www.hk-zygj.com, filling 100 water balloons with three beams within 60 seconds. ?Single beam with 37 not completely regular arrangement, melting or environmental quick drying glue encapsulation, with fast switch connector. allows you to ?rival quickly ! In the production process more efficient, saving ,and in the use of more convenient and efficient to obtain water balloon. Let you always stand on the side of victory in war!?1.Precautions?Balloon itself is not fragile, but after the inflatable part of explosive materials, so inflated to the proper placement; and they have a certain size, over-inflated easier burst, please control within a certain size.Sharp object / non-clean floor / excessively harsh environment and direct sunlight, excessive extrusion, are easy to get the ball skin damage, burst.If you showed the children as toys, must be accompanied by their parents, pay attention to safety, to prevent a variety of factors caused the child's injury.2.Fowr steps For obtaining water balloonsstep1:Fast switch connect to 1/2 connector.step2: the balloons bcam connect to Fast diret switch.step3: rotating fast switch filling water amd closing.step4: to get the water balloons.